Hospitality Companies Need Rapid Response Plans for Suspected Outbreaks

July 2020

Hospitality Companies Need Rapid Response Plans for Suspected Outbreaks

UNITE HERE calls for hospitality companies to implement rapid response plans for suspected outbreaks as one of several necessary steps to encourage consumer confidence for meeting planners and business travelers and ensure the safety of hospitality workers.  These plans should include but not be limited to immediately initiating contact tracing and notifying staff when there is a suspected outbreak. In order to keep workers safe, companies must also provide additional paid time off so staff can isolate or recover, and offer guest self-isolation with strict safety protocols.

A recent article in the New York Times highlighted concerns with contact tracing in Vegas casinos. "[Nevada] cannot readily identify clusters of cases among employees at a given casino.”

The article sites a cluster of cases that occurred around the Women of Power Summit in Las Vegas this past Spring. “That cluster was not, however, readily apparent to either health officials or the public, even though it involved Nevada residents. That is because while local heath districts are capable of tracking cases to certain workplaces — they currently do so for nursing homes, prisons and preschools — the database they use does not allow officials to sort cases by casino.”

It is essential that hospitality employers step up and implement these necessary measures that are part of the Clean Hospitality Checklist.

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