Clean Hospitality Initiative

Over 98% of UNITE HERE’s 300,000 members were unemployed due to COVID-19, and many are more vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic due to health disparities caused by systemic racism, as reported by the CDC.[i] As workers are called back to work, the union asserted that the hospitality industry could both recover from the pandemic more quickly and protect workers by embracing strong safety standards including cleaning, COVID-19 testing, and swift response to suspected outbreaks.

As a result, UNITE HERE has launched the Clean Hospitality initiative which includes tools and updates to help meeting and event planners secure strong safety protections during booking.

These tools include:

UNITE HERE Clean Hospitality Checklist - 5 safety and cleanliness guidelines that include:

  1. More frequent cleaning and disinfection, including daily hotel housekeeping;
  2. Personal protective equipment and social distancing for both workers and guests;
  3. COVID-19 testing and screening protocols to prevent illness;
  4. Rapid response to any suspected outbreak;
  5. No retaliation against workers who speak out about safety

Clean Hospitality Event Contract language to require safety measures at your event

Clean Hospitality Customer Survey to notify us if your hotel stay is not safe

Important developments in hospitality industry reopening