Refuse Green Choice

When you stay at Marriott brand hotels refuse Green Choice. The program harms women workers under the guise of environmental sustainability.

Help housekeepers by signing the pledge to demand Marriott develop a sustainability program that included sustainable good jobs.

Support Women Workers & Protect Your Events

When you are finalizing event contracts with Marriott properties with Make a Green Choice or Your Choice Programs, insert the following language to “refuse Green Choice” for all your guests and/or attendees:

Refuse Green Choice Contract Language:

(organization name) will not participate in the hotel’s green choice or any similar program and notation should be made on all guest reservations not to offer this option. All advertising materials regarding the program will be removed from the guest rooms and the program will not be offered via the online reservation system. If an individual attendee requests the green choice program or any similar program, front desk staff will tell the attendee that their organization has opted out and the green choice or your choice programs are not available as an option for them.