FairHotel Sweepstakes

The Sweepstakes has ended.

Congratulations to our sweepstakes winner Megan Lynch, from South Pasadena, California.

“I don’t think anyone should be making an unfair wage for a fair day’s work. And working conditions for hotel employees should be good. So when I do need to stay in a hotel, I would prefer to make an informed choice."

You can choose a FairHotel by visiting fairhotel.org or downloading the app!

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FairHotel is an easy way find socially responsible hotels, and have a positive impact on the communities you visit.

FairHotel provides free travel tools, including our website (FairHotel.org) and mobile apps for iPhone and Android (search “fairhotel” in either store).

When you stay at a FairHotel, you make a difference by supporting hotels where workers have the opportunity for a better life. A FairHotel is also a union hotel – with fair wages, fair benefits, fair treatment and fair working conditions.