FairHotels Can Change Lives

Hear directly from employees at FairHotels who have experienced how high standards in hospitality work changes lives.

Why Stay at a FairHotel? Fiance, Washington D.C.

Fiance struggled through homelessness to become a leader at the MGM National Harbor. The new union contract includes affordable health care and guaranteed wages to help her catch up. “I'm just looking forward to my options and bettering my life—now that we have the union."

Why Stay at a FairHotel? Diego and Esperanza, Orlando

Diego and Esperanza, who work at a FairHotel, explain the difference the union has made in their lives. From poverty to $6 an hour wage increases for housekeepers, the workers around Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida looked for something bigger than themselves—and won a better future.

Why Stay at a FairHotel: Johanna, New Orleans

Johanna knows the power of believing in yourself. At the FairHotel Hilton Riverside New Orleans, Johanna enjoys higher wages and better benefits, and being a role model to her daughter.

Why Stay at a FairHotel? Cleare, Atlantic City

Cleare, a housekeeper in Atlantic City, and her coworkers stood together to improve wages and family health care and are proud to work for the Hard Rock Casino, a FairHotel on the boardwalk. They went on strike for 102 days at the former Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City to win what their families deserve.