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Hotel Rooms Should Be Cleaned Everyday

That’s the standard of service that guests have come to expect and love. Travelers say cleanliness is a top priority and they should not have to request this standard service at a full-service hotel.

Our research shows that ending daily housekeeping would slash jobs and make housekeepers’ workloads even more painful, because rooms are much dirtier after days without cleaning and sanitizing. We estimate that ending this practice would:

  • Eliminate up to 39% of all U.S. hotel housekeeping jobs – 180,000 jobs total.
  • Cost housekeepers $4.8 billion in annual lost wages, including $1.93 billion for Latina workers and $1.05 billion for Black workers. 
  • Cause more pain at work. In one survey, 72% of housekeepers reported experiencing pain, stress or injury related to cleaning rooms not serviced daily.

But this is not inevitable. Hotel guests and housekeepers worldwide are joining forces and taking action.

Here are three easy ways customers can support us:

  1. Search for hotels at
  2. When you check into a hotel, tell the front desk to clean and sanitize your room every day.
  3. If your organization holds meetings, insist that hotels provide automatic daily housekeeping to all your guests, using our model contract language. 

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