Higher Standards

Employees at FairHotels have greater protections and opportunities.

Top-Notch Healthcare

FairHotel employees enjoy excellent individual and family health care at little to no cost.

Higher Standards for Hospitality Work

Employees at FairHotels often enjoy wages, benefits, and retirement plans well above the standard for comparable non-union positions.

Health & Safety

Employees at FairHotels can address unsafe working conditions without risking their jobs, including protections against discrimination and sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.

Equity & Civil Rights

Union contracts have helped workers secure the right to due process on the job, regardless of age, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, country of national origin, primary language, sexual orientation or gender presentation.

The Power of a Union Contract

Access to Good Jobs

Union contracts are also vehicles for opportunity—tools we use to create job training programs, wage equity across gender and race, and access to jobs for Black workers in particular. UNITE HERE has partnered with the hospitality industry to create training academies that provide area residents with job training to secure good jobs in the hospitality industry.

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